Pochettino believes it’s good for Broya to play Fulham on loan.

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Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino is confident that. Letting striker Armando Broya go on loan at Fulham for the remainder of the 2023-24 season will definitely benefit him. Discussion: Because he probably competes more often than at The Bridge.

Broya launches jersey number #9 Before yesterday’s deadline. According to the conditions that the ‘Sing Blues’ made. If the field completes 10 games with a total number of minutes not less than the agreed upon. Fulham does not have to pay the loan fee. Pay just enough for your wages.

But if the Albanian striker plays less than 10 games. ‘Little Magnate’ must pay rent-loan of 4 million pounds and take care of all wages  UFABET 

Conditions designed to be similar to breaking the neck of head coach Marco Silva. Sending Broya to draw this design makes Pochettino believe. That the players will be better when they return to their mother’s team. 

“I think it’s very good for him. to have more opportunities to compete than before. And I definitely think it’s a beneficial transfer for him,” said the Argentine. 

“I hope to see him get more opportunities to play.” 

“As for not signing another striker in the January 2024 market. I think it’s important that Christopher Nkunku recovers from injury, this Friday Nicholas Jackson, who finished his Cup of Nations mission, will join. ”

“We forget that forward David Washington signed, he’s here with us.”

“I saw that there were enough options for the position of striker in the team.” 

Broya has played 19 matches this season, scoring 2 goals and providing two assists ,  hoping to make his debut for Fulham against Burnley (3 Feb.).