Arteta is disappointed that Partey condition is deteriorating.

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Miguel Arteta, Arsenal’s head coach said in a press conference before meeting Liverpool (Feb. 4) that. Midfielder Tomas Partey has a problem with a thigh injury that collapsed.

Ghana national team midfielder He is injured and has not played for the team since the 1-0 win over Manchester City on October 8, 2023. 

He had to undergo surgery and missed out on helping the team for 4 months was dropped from the African Cup of Nations national team. And was pictured just practicing in full last week. But recently, the symptoms have gotten worse and disappeared again for a long time. UFABET 

“Tomas’ case is very sad. His condition deteriorated a few days ago. And he was not ready to be a force for the game against Liverpool.” the Spanish coach said. 

“We still don’t know if he will be gone for a few days or a few weeks. The doctor felt a pain near his original location. Haven’t practiced for the last few meals.”

“It started to become a concern because that doctor was an important player in our booking. There was good momentum at the beginning of the season. Then I lost him for a long time.”

“Partey brings something very different to the team. He was the only person in the force who could do that. Really hurtful.” 

Asian Handicap Arsenal ป. ป. -10, total score two and a half plus three.