Color of “snot” tells about disease

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Color of “snot” tells about disease

Can the color of snot tell us what disease we are having besides the common cold? Dr. Thitiwat Sriprasat, King Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, stated that the color of snot can tell us that we are suffering from some disease. But it is not possible to identify every disease. Because mucus is a secretion that comes out of the nose to remove foreign substances from the body that are picked up from breathing in outside air when we breathe. If there is an infection, it causes more mucus to be produced than normal. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

What can the characteristics of mucus tell us about our health problems?

Clear mucus

It could be a cold, allergies, dust, viral infections. There is no need to take antibiotics.

White or gray mucus

Mostly because of nasal allergies. Inflammation caused by a virus

Yellow or green mucus 

It can be caused by infection from viruses or bacteria or sinusitis.

red snot 

It may be caused by broken capillaries in that area. contaminate with blood It may be due to allergies.

black snot 

If it’s black or cloudy with dust, it might be due to pollution. But if it’s completely black, be careful of fungal infections.

Mucus is one mechanism for eliminating foreign substances. If the mucus has an abnormal color This is mostly due to viral infections which do not require antibiotics. In the case of a lot of blood, you should see a doctor.